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Angel #10 + BTVS #16 + Star Trek #1 Reviewed

Angel #10
Ugly art. Angel's secret is out, kind of. Gunn killed a slayer. What is his plan? What is the deal with the magical fish? The outside world thinks LA is ok, mmmmmmm. An okay issue, took the story arc a while to get going though.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #16
Ugly art. All Buffy's whining about being the slayer and she has no problem making girls into slayers and them dying for her. Enough with Willow flying. What is the point of Dawn? Why isn't Buffy doing anything about Twilight? Seeing as he dropped a steeple on her and has now blown up her castle. That mystical missile looks fierce. What'll the losses be at the castle? Are we not supposed to care that Buffy is a thief now? This is good issue but things need to be adressed.

Star Trek: Mirror Images #1
That's supposed to be Pike?!? Creepy evil Kirk. Is that Rand? This was good. I love the Trek Mirror Universe.
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