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Book Reviews: Corona +Dark Xena +The Kobayashi Maru

Star Trek: Corona by Greg Bear

From 1984, this tells of how the Enterprise is on a mission to rescue a team of stranded Vulcan scientists. A female reporter from a xenophobic planet is onboard as is a new computer system that can over-ride the officer’s commands.

To add to the trouble, a sentient protostar is controlling the science team and it plans to unleash another big bang.

This is a good novel with the reporter overcoming her bigoted culture and Chekov falling under the influence of the protostar. I enjoyed this.

Xena, Warrior Princess: Dark Xena written by John Layman

Set after the rancid series finale. Xena’s dead and Gabrielle (who somehow has red nail polish) is upset. So she asks a Lovecraftian horror for a favour and gets exactly what she asked for. Everything goes back to the way it was.

Xena’s bad again, Joxer’s alive again and Gabrielle has to save the day. There are deaths, fights, betrayal, costume changes and subtext. This was good.

Star Trek #30: The Kobayashi Maru by Julia Ecklar

From 1989: Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, Chekov and Sulu are in a shuttlecraft when it is damaged. As the craft is adrift with no hope of rescue or repair, they need to find a way to pass the time.

So one by one Kirk, Chekov, Sulu and Scotty tell of how each of them the Kobayashi Maru test at Starfleet academy. Each story is different revealing a bit more about the officer’s character. This was very good, puts a lot of recent Trek novels to shame.
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