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The Secret of the Sally Bell
The Green Hornet and Kato hang out at the docks looking for seamen and two million dollars worth of narcotics. This in turn leads to the Hornet and Kato striding around a hospital and scaring a doctor with huge backcombed hair.

The doctor hits on the Hornet in her very quiet hospital. It seems the Green Hornet’s deeds are worthy of programmes being interrupted to deliver a special news bulletin. Kato hangs around off duty in black and is thanked by Scanlon.

Baddies wear tights over their heads and look ridiculous. An unconscious guy and the big haired doctor are abducted. An assassin called Honey-Boy targets the Hornet and Kato.

So cue Kato kicking people in the head, Black Beauty being driven by remote control and the Hornet staging a rescue. This was good but when did rich boy Reid learn to punch people? And why does Casey wear such horrible outfits?

Best Lines:
“Got no business with you.”
“Not yet.”

Trouble For Prince Charming
A Prince comes to town; he has a Grace Kelly lookalike fiancée named Janet. Naturally Janet is abducted so the Hornet and Kato kidnap the Prince. Somehow the Prince does not notice that the Green Hornet and Britt Reid are one and the same.

Britt Reid doesn’t care about creating an international incident. He just cares about scaring people while dressed in a business suit and green coat. Kato and The Green Hornet look for Janet and this leads to a fight in a wine cellar. When the bottles roll around on the floor you can see that they are empty.

Why do bad guys attack the Hornet one at a time? Kato kicks people around and then kicks them some more when he’s leaving. The Prince and Janet wed. Britt Reid is best man but Kato is nowhere to be seen. This was good, but for a Princess she sure had a tacky dress and tiara.

Best Line:
Why Would the Green Hornet bother to save my life? From what I’ve been told he’s a notorious criminal.”


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