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The Event Ep 15 Review

Face Off

The aliens are surrounded. Simon’s at the White House, somehow he missed the meeting. How did he come back to work so fast after having a building implode on him?

Sophia lies and makes threats. Leila’s face still won’t move. The aliens up the ante. Sophia self-justifies and needs to die. The annoying Sean and Vicky fly to France. The extremely annoying Dempsey visits an archaeological dig.

Thomas blubbers. Blake finally recalls Thomas from the hospital and finally finally Simon’s cover is blown, again. Simon makes an unwise phone call. Michael is an idiot who is way too loyal to Sophia and doesn’t seem to care about his younger daughter.

Blake is now the voice of reason. Simon stands there quivering. Thomas gets his at long last. This was good, a welcome return to early form due to Simon getting a storyline.

What is the cave all about? What is with Dempsey’s tattoo? Why does Leila just abandon Samantha? Does nobody see the buses?

Best Lines:
“Simon Lee is one of them.”

“Your people are monsters.”

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