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Survivors (1975 – 1977) Review, Part 8

The Peacemaker
Humanity is living in a wasteland stripped of modern technology and comforts. But the rebirth of society has begun. Jenny, Hubert and Charles are riding around looking for Greg, again. They stumble across a settlement and some decidedly un-PC goings on ensue.

Hubert sleeps outside and calls Charles “squire”. Nothing has changed. There’s bad acting and this was boring and offensive. Also the character destruction of Jenny continues as she rants and tantrums. This was truly awful; no wonder the show didn’t get a 4th series.

Charles, Jenny, Hubert and Frank (the guy from the weirdo settlement in the former ep) are hanging out. Jenny’s resolve to give up her search for Greg and stay with his son seems to have been forgotten. Jenny annoys and shrieks.

Hubert is attacked and the gang run into yet another settlement full of weirdoes. There is a charming discussion about a worm infestation. A dotty old dear annoys. Alec an annoying electrician rants and rants and rants. It is pointed out there are hydro-electric dams in Scotland. So they decide to head up there and turn one on. This was awful and boring.

The Enemy
Charles, Jenny, Hubert, Frank and Alec are still riding around looking for Greg. They stagger into another settlement. Jenny whines and rants. There is a rant against the welfare state. Jenny gets even more obnoxious, no wonder Greg ran off never to return.

Frank dies. Jenny is a dithering hysterical stupid idiot. A nutter lurks. This was horrendous.

Best Line:
Don’t you touch me you Welsh bastard!”

The Last Laugh
Ian McCulloch wrote this swan song for his character of Greg. The ever charming Greg who now has a beard picks fights with idiots. Society has been reduced to a combination of the sinister and the ridiculous. Greg criticises.

Jenny was too needy and too desperate; she made it too obvious her happiness depended on Greg. Nothing could have made him run away faster. Jenny behaved desperately and hit the kill switch on his desire. They really were an unsuited couple.

Greg ends up at a settlement and is a boor. Being typically stupid he wanders straight into a smallpox quarantine zone and infects himself. Idle viper thugs run around. Greg decides on bio-warfare and heads off to find the thugs.

Meanwhile Agnes annoys, John needs shooting and Greg is thought of as the second coming instead of being reviled. This was dull, you just don’t care about Greg’s fate as he was a vile man and he brought it all on himself by being stupid.

Best Line:
Undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveller returns.”

Long Live The King
Jenny whines. Charles and co are still heading to Scotland and there is heavy rhetoric and liberation theology. Everyone detours to an army camp where Agnes is now hanging out. Two thugs who survived Greg’s smallpox attack are out for revenge.

Agnes is spearheading society’s rebirth but Greg gets all the credit. Trains, telephones an government are being re-established. Now currency is to be brought back and it’s named after Greg. Even the flag is changed to worship the personality cult that was Greg.

Jenny and Agnes yell. Jenny learns Greg has died of smallpox and has zero reaction after an entire series worth of moaning. This was dull and populated by idiots.

Best Line:
Greg has been making your country into a nation once again.”

The final ever ep, thankfully as the gang find a power station to reactivate. Some posh snot of a Laird hangs out in Scotland being snotty. I swear the Laird is played by the villain from ‘Children of the Stones’. He has servants waiting on him and Hubert isn’t allowed at his dining table.

The nutter tries to sabotage the dam. Jenny does something vile to her hair and does not mourn Greg at all. The restoration of electricity is gone into in tedious detail. There is debate over the need for electricity at all. Alec wants Jenny. There is bad acting and everyone is obnoxious. The nutter dies. Power is restored.

This was awful beyond words. What a stinker of a series, not one decent ep in it. Does Charles go back to Pet? Does Pet want him back? Is Agnes now running Britain? What about trade with Norway? Will Jenny finally go back to her son? Will she and Alex hook up? Will Hubert ever be appreciated? What became of Whitecross and Sally, Melanie, Alan and Ruth?

Series 2 was the best. Series 1 was dull but series 3 was truly terrible.
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