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The Event Ep 14+V Season 2 Ep 2+Hawaii Five-0 Ep 10+The X Files Season 1 Ep 8 Reviewed

Ep 14

A Message Back

Is this cancelled yet? Dr Dempsey aka annoying old fart plans to steal another hybrid child. Sean strolls into Vicky’s house and makes threats, some security she has. President Martinez has manned up. Is Martinez Cuban? If so how is he President?

Jarvis the VP shows up at work to annoy. Sophia whines about Thomas discrediting her, she did that all by herself. Thomas calls a meeting. Sean is an irritating pustule. Simon is nowhere to be seen. Leila bores, what is wrong with her face? Why doesn’t it move?!?

Martinez and Blake learn Michael is “one of them”. Which begs the question; why did Thomas leave Michael in the desert with the passengers after the plane incident? When he was in captivity how did the medical staff not notice that Michael wasn’t human?

This was mediocre, but had some hints that there could be intriguing plots to come. But mostly we get Vicky wearing a hideous blonde wig that looks like it came off the stripper rack. Thomas reveals what the message from their home world was, why anyone believes a word he says isn’t explained. Leila just abandons her sister after the endless search for her.

Ep 2

Serpent’s Tooth

Anna’s kept her mommy Diana locked up for 15 years. Why then is Diana still in a human skinsuit? Anna slaps mommy around due to her obsession with souls and emotions. Their chat/exposition dump reveals that the atom bomb tests attracted the V’s attention and that the V’s existence depends on Earth as a breeding planet.

Val is buried, her parents berate Ryan. Peace Centres are bombed. Marcus lurks. Ryan’s baby gets a skinsuit. Anna eats a rat in some truly awful CGI. Jack breaks the seal of the confessional. Ryan broods. Chad is a target. Erica’s v scar comes into play.

Joshua stares blankly. Erica and Malik have a confrontation. Dr Miller has a one scene cameo. This is a mediocre ep that has nothing in it to match the brilliance of the previous ep’s line: “First they want to invade us, then they want to shag us.”

Ep 10


An armoured truck is stolen and the only cops in Hawaii get the case. Steve shows off his massive tattoos and he and Kono apparently just carry scuba gear around with them in their cars. Danno annoys.

The foursome figure out the truck heist was just a dry run for a bigger crime to come and vow to stop it. They’re up against ruthless criminals but our heroes can save the day, with a little help from Danno’s nightmare ex-wife. This was good with lots and lots of diamonds and Steve kicking ass.

Best Lines:
These people use bystanders for target practice.”

“I just had a thought.”
“Don’t hurt yourself.”

Ep 8


Something’s gone awry an Artic ice core project. So Mulder and Scully fly up there with a belligerent pilot (Jeff Kober), some other guy, a snotty scientist (Xander Berkleley) and his bland wife (Felicity Huffman of ‘Desperate Housewives’ and as of 2019 future felon).

It’s low budget and there’s a lot of plaid. But it soon becomes clear the previous people up there found a life-form in the ice. A life-form that can get into dogs and humans and make them aggressive.

With these six idiots, what could go wrong? Bear is belligerent. Mulder is a buzz kill. They’re trapped with a CGI worm and fake snow. Mulder thinks the worm is an alien lifeform form. Scully is shrill. Every line of dialogue sounds the same, something between a demand and a whine.

Mulder goes wandering around in the dark which leads to accusation and large ham yelling. Scully’s a moron. This wasn’t tense, just annoying. The bland one (Huffman) has a bad hairdo and yells a lot. I haven’t seen such aggressive stupidity since season 3 of ‘Chuck’. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
Nothing can survive in sub zero temperatures for a quarter of a million years.”

“It’s still there Scully. 200,000 years down, in the ice.”
“Leave it there.”
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