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Trailer Fun Time

Captain America: The First Avenger’ trailer
Bad CGI on the skinny loser. But this looks good. Tony Stark’s daddy! Tommy Lee Jones!

Fringe’ 3x19 promo
Are they ripping off ‘Inception’?

Your Highness’ trailer
This looks good but rather rude.

Best Lines:
“This quest sucks.”

“With our huge muscles, we shall protect you.”

“Suck your venom.”

Falling Skies’ trailer
This looks good and the alien invaders are called skitters? Ew.

Best Line:
You call yourselves a resistance right? So resist!”

Tomorrow When the War Began’ trailer
An Australian ‘Red Dawn’! Looks okay.

The Event’ 1x16 promo
Looks good.

V’ 2x03 promo

Doctor Who’ 2011 trailer
This looks good.

Best Lines:
Fear me; I’ve killed hundreds of Time Lords.”
“Fear me; I’ve killed all of them.”

The Three Musketeers’ trailer
Steampunk musketeers with Orlando Bloom as the baddie and all in 3D. Ooohhh yes.
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