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The Green Hornet (1966 – 1967) Eps 5&6 Reviewed

The Frog is a Deadly Weapon
A woman struts around looking like a call girl; she’s part of a group of nefarious types hanging out at a marina. Then frogmen climb out of the water and kill a PI. Britt is told about this as he’s vice-commodore of the yacht club. How he finds time to hang out at the yacht club, date some idiot Diana Doors type named Elaine and be The Green Hornet isn’t explained.

Britt has a radio transmitter built into his pocket watch and the receiver is in Scanlon’s glasses. Who built that? Scanlon shows up at Reid’s swinging bachelor pad, doesn’t acknowledge Kato and does an exposition dump.

Britt wants to find a man believed dead, a man who was one of those who framed his father. It’s a never explained throwaway line which hints at why Britt became The Green Hornet. Anyway this man is probably one of the nefarious types the PI was watching.

So cue an adventure involving microfilm, Casey and her wedding cake hairdo being held hostage and The Green Hornet just strolling into villain’s lairs without getting shot. The villain just spills his guts to the Hornet, Kato is barely in this ep and the Hornet changes clothes in the back of his thugmobile hood car without anyone noticing. Reid kicks more ass in this ep than Kato. This was okay.

Best Line:
If I were a man, I’d devote myself to catching that dreadful Green Hornet.”

Eat, Drink, and be Dead
Britt owns a TV station and appears on the news to rant against: “a vicious bootlegging racket.” Bootleggers? Is this the 1920’s or something? The bootleggers want Reid dead which is understandable as Reid isn’t that likeable.

Next time The Green Hornet says “Let’s roll Kato”, I’d like to see Kato turn around and one inch punch him right in his unemoting face. People are intimidated by Kato. The Green Hornet never says that his sidekick will beat them up, it’s just implied.

Axford’s been taken hostage, again. The Green Hornet somehow gets in a 6th floor window to chat to the bootleggers. Why does no-one ever just shoot him? Britt punches out Axford. The bootleggers chase Black Beauty from a helicopter and drop bombs on them. How they fit so many bombs into a tiny helicopter isn’t explained. Kato kicks a bad guy and obviously misses by several inches. This was a mediocre ep.

Best Line:
No wonder he can afford to give so much to charities!”
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