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Fringe Season 3 Ep 11 Reviewed


The weapon is at Massive Dynamic being studied. Why isn’t Walter running Massive Dynamic? Peter gets near the machine and it powers up and he gets a nosebleed of doom. Shapeshifters are being killed and it is all tied together.

Olivia and Peter have moments. Considering their antagonistic first meeting back in the ‘Pilot’, look how far they’ve come. Anyway Peter has been driven to drastic measures by the actions of his fathers. They couldn’t have driven him to this more if they had been chasing him with sticks. Walter gets worried when he learns what Peter is up too. This was very good.

Why is Peter living with his kidnapper? Walter snorts DNA? Walter says Peter is his son and no-one corrects him. What became of Agent Jessup? How do Nina and co know about The First People? Was there anything William Bell didn’t do?
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