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Book Reviews: The Green Hornet Chronicles + Shalador’s Lady

The Green Hornet Chronicles edited by Joe Gentle and Win Scott Eckert
An enjoyable collection of pulp crime fiction tales based on the 1960’s TV show. The Green Hornet and Kato are wanted criminals. But in reality the so called crime boss and his henchman are in fact vigilantes out to destroy crime by posing as criminals in the city of Detroit.

The Night Car
A man uses a computer programme to try and track the Hornet to his lair. This was okay, the close call at the end was a bit too easily evaded though.

I Had The Green Hornet’s Lovechild
A floozy sells a kiss and tell story claiming to have had The Green Hornet’s lovechild. The Green Hornet has to save the day when his enemies kidnap the baby. This was okay.

Britt Reid plans to take down a politician who has vowed to bring down his criminal alter ego. This was okay.

The Green Hornet and Kato target a Charles Manson wannabe. This was okay.

Nothing Gold Can Stay
An okay Kato origin story.

Just A Man
A man targets The Green Hornet for revenge. An okay look at the collateral damage the Hornet can leave in his wake.

The Cold Cash Kill
The Hornet thwarts a somewhat improbable counterfeiting ring; this was not one of the better tales.

Flight of the Yellow Jacket
The Hornet gets an arch nemesis while Mike Axford thinks Kato looks familiar. This was okay.

By Scarab and Scorpion
Flesh eating beetles, enough said.

You Can’t Pick the Number
The Hornet busts a numbers racket, this is okay.

Eyes of the Madonna
The duo retrieves a stolen painting. This is good.

Stormy Weather
A female PI tries to catch the Green Hornet. This was good and for bonus fun contains a reference to the episode where Britt Reid was shot.

The Auction
A hood claims to have killed The Green Hornet. So The Green Hornet and Kato crash his victory celebration. This was good and Britt talks about how his father died in prison framed for murder.

Go Go Gone
The duo busts a human trafficking ring. This was okay.

Mutual Assured Destruction
The duo stumbles across a government secret. This was good.

The Crimson Dragon
The Green Hornet faces down a rival crime lord in this good pulp tale.

Fang and Sting
The Hornet faces up to a crime lord who may be Fu Manchu. Also this reveals how the irritating Lenore found out about Britt’s secret life. This was good.

The Inside Man
A man gets a job with The Green Hornet. This is good.

The Soul of Soloman
Kato tells us how The Green Hornet met The Phantom. Sort of. This was good.

Shalador’s Lady by Anne Bishop
The 8th ‘Black Jewels’ novel. Cassidy is Queen of Dean Nehele, she is a good Queen and her court serves her loyally except for one member. Theran Grayhaven dislikes Cassidy for stupid, snobbish reasons. He undermines and sabotages her but things get worse when Kermilla arrives.

Kermilla is a rival and enemy of Cassidy’s. But Theran is drawn to her and decides she should be Queen of Dena Nehele and not Cassidy. He overlooks the fact Kermilla is spoilt, stupid and selfish. A reminder of the corrupt Queens who were purged.

Cassidy and her court decide to continue rebuilding the land and trust. Theran cannot understand why no-one wants Kermilla as Queen. Cassidy has to triumph over her rival and prevent another bad Queen from ruling.

This was good but one has to wonder. The corrupt Queens ruled for centuries until the purge in book 3. Shouldn’t the Blood society be far less stable? Shouldn’t Blood society have fallen apart as corruption and cruelty had become so entrenched? Also Janelle and co are way too cosy and cute after all they endured in books 1 – 3.
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