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V Season 2 Ep 1 Reviewed

Red Rain

Anna’s turned the sky red; it’s like ‘Night of the Comet’. Anna also smacks a guy around with her tail and kills him. This makes Marcus smile. Tyler is stupid. It rains red.

Chad blathers, Anna claims the red sky/rain has cleaned the atmosphere and Tyler’s a snot who says Anna deserves an apology. Erica has to let her stupid offspring stay on the ship.

Erica and co meet Dr Miller (Bret Harrison of ‘Reaper’) who’s a scientist despite the fact he acts and talks like he should be hanging out in Central Perk as a poor man’s Ryan Reynolds.

Miller found a V skeleton. It has a lot of spiky teeth. Do the V’s in this remake eat humans like the V’s in the original series did? Hobbes hits a V with a car door while Tyler gets it on with Lisa.

Erica finally cops on to what the V’s want with humans: Earth is to be a breeding planet. Joshua’s alive. Anna looks up her mommy (Jane Badler). This was good; I hope Dr Miller shows up in future eps and is written better. He could be a decent character, but I'm wary TPTB will mess him up or forget he exists.

Best Lines:
Anna’s a lizard? That sucks, she’s so hot.”

“First they want to invade us, then they want to shag us."

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