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The Event Ep 13+Bones Season 6 Ep 12+Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog+Hawaii Five-0 Ep 9 Reviewed

Ep 13: Turnabout

Is this cancelled yet? Thomas steals a nuclear core. The President has finally had enough of Sophia and her lies, it took him long enough. Sean looks up Vicky. Blake has had an epiphany and now thinks he was too hard on the detainees. Simon (Ian Anthony Dale of ‘Surface’) does nothing.

Michael stashes his children with some alien buddies. The alien buddies don’t want to know Leila and her face that never moves. Thomas continues displaying his conduct disorder and there is an extremely crass throwaway line that states he caused Chernobyl.

This was utter, utter rubbish. Anyway why does no-one suspect Simon is a sleeper? He’s always hanging out with Sophia and in an earlier ep Blake suspected him of being a sleeper and was all ready to go ‘enhanced interrogation’ on him. Then Blake changed his mind and now trusts Simon, or does he? Why do I expect logic from this show? Eps 1&2 started out with a bang but the show has NEVER reached that level of enjoyment since.

Ep 12: The Sin in the Sisterhood

This was like a demented ‘Big Love’ ep. A man is found dead in a cornfield and turns out to have three wives. Thusly Brennan and Booth investigate a web of jealous wives, an angry father-in-law, a disapproving pecan farmer and an oversexed grad student. This was good but the Brennan/Booth relationship is laboured at this point.

Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (2008)

Dr Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris of ‘Starship Troopers’) is in a love triangle with his super hero arch nemesis Captain Hammer and a boring girl named Penny. Dr Horrible talks and talks and talks and then talks some more. Then he bursts into some truly awful songs.

Horrible fancies Penny. Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion) is a burk who can’t sing. Supervillains called: Conflict Diamond, Bait and Switch and Bad Horse are mentioned. Captain Hammer is a bully who likes to casually smack Horrible’s head off a van.

Penny still dates Hammer. Horrible pines but when Hammer reveals he’s dating Penny just because Horrible likes her. Well, Horrible cracks up and decides Hammer must DIE. Horrible’s sanity slippage leads to his triumph and being crowned the Worst Villain Ever. He’s still miserable though. This was boring.

Best Lines:
“My application is strong this year. A letter of condemnation from the deputy mayor.”

“Captain Hammer threw a car at my head.”

“The thoroughbred of sin.”

“I don’t go to the gym; I’m just naturally like this.”

“You give my regards to Saint Peter or whoever has his job but in hell.”

“I think this what pain feels like.”

Ep 9: Po’ipu
As assassin (Emmanuelle Vaugier) is on the loose. A General accused of war crimes is coming to Hawaii. Danno is annoying and there are apparently no other cops in Hawaii. This was good. There’s a gunfight at Steve’s house but Chin doesn’t do much.
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