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Profit (1996) Eps 5&6 Reviewed

Ep 5 Cupid
Gracen & Gracen are close to signing a deal with the Kestrels. But Ray backs out until his estranged wife Anna comes back to him. Anna doesn’t want to go back to him as Ray is the sort of husband Dr Phil warns you about. Meanwhile Bobby (the late Lisa Blount) sees Gracen&Gracen CEO Chaz as her new sugar daddy and Sykes and Pete are plotting. Sykes does David Caruso head tilts and shows off his bad acting. Chaz (Keith Szarabajka) throws a whiskey glass at Pete. The unloved Pete is pretending to still be a drunk as part of a long game; he drinks iced tea and doesn’t comb his hair.

Joanne (Lisa Zane) has her eye on Bobby. But Bobby sets up an attack on Chaz so she can ‘save’ him and feed him her ‘organic painkillers’. Joanne doesn’t understand Profit at all. She and everyone else ignore how Ray acts wilfully ugly. Joanne isn’t doing much to free Jack either. There are some hideous fashions on display in this ep. Anna wears a copper jewel toned blouse and later on a silver lame blazer. Nora wears a hideously unflattering grey pantsuit. Profit manipulates Ray and Anna.

Pete’s wife Nora reveals to Profit that her Uncle Art molested her when she was a child. Now Pete is doing a deal with Uncle Art. Profit files that information away for future reference and points out to Sykes that he should look into the fate of Ray’s first wife. Sykes looks up some newspaper articles about Ray's dead first wife online in dated fashion and the toxic relationship of Ray and Anna comes to a final end. This was weak; it was too camp with some truly bad acting from most guest stars.

Best Lines:
“I wonder how long Pete’s been sober and wanting everyone to think that he’s not.”

“My brother, Mr Toadhead.”

“Guard your morals Mr Sykes; they tend to disappear around here pretty fast.”

“I’m glad you know what a conscience is Jim. You know since you don’t actually possess one.”

“There’s the cliff Jeff, now go be a good little lemming and jump off it.”

“Anyone who thinks controlling people is a science is dead wrong. It’ an art.”

Ep 6 Chinese Box
Profit must break Gracen & Gracen away from Wong Industries to stop an FBI investigation. Meanwhile Gail broods over her poor promotion prospects. Profit offers Mr Wong a deal. Mr Wong wants the Ultrachip code breaker. He tells Profit this by showing him a photo of the Ultrachip on a huge computer in his limo. The Ultrachip was developed by Dr Jeremy Batewell who took it with him when he was fired from G&G. He was fired for stalking Gail. Profit tells Gail she needs to call Batewell and ask him out on a date. Gail is appalled until her ambition kicks in, also she relishes the opportunity to get back at the vile Batewell.

Meanwhile Pete bugs Chaz’s fax machine while spitting alcohol into pot plants. Pete is a bigger jerk now that he’s sober. Bobby decides to manipulate Chaz’s long suffering wife Constance into shedding her useless thick husband. Profit and Gail target Jeremy. Now Jim Profit may have a skewed attitude about what is normal behaviour but Jeremy is truly disturbing. Sykes spies on Gail as she goes alone into her stalker’s fortress like home.

Sykes calls a pal at the FBI seeing a chance to get rid of Profit. The show was never very clear on Sykes’ motivation. Why did he plot a hostile takeover with Pete and dislike Profit? Gail seeks around Batewell’s house which Profit somehow has a VR map of. Gail and Profit learns some secret info about the Ultrachip. Joanne has been shoved aside in this ep as she was in ‘Cupid’, for the Head of Security she does nothing. Sykes’ plan to get Profit arrested falls apart in public humiliation for him. Profit styles and profiles with his umbrella in response. As for Gail? She embraces the dark side as Batewell gets his in spectacular fashion. She also wears an ugly ill-fitting fawn coat, which looks like the same one Joanne wore in ‘Cupid’. This was very good.

Best Lines:
“You want it.”
“Very much.”

“Not a word I like.”

“His father beat him, apparently not enough.”

“Why am I lying here? In incredible pain?”

“An interesting test of moral character.”

“Revenge is pointless; it’s a tool for the weak.”

“He took it with him when he left, along with everything else that wasn’t nailed down.”

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