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Survivors (1975 – 1977) Review, Part 5

Series 2

Ep 5

Face of the Tiger
You know the iconic opening titles which show how the virus spread makes no real sense. Why did Jenny and Greg hook up? She’s a doormat and he’s a jerk. The womenfolk at Whitecross bake bread and reduce fat. The shepard Hubert is misliked by Greg (and everyone else) because he wears a flat cap and doesn’t wash.

A stranger shows up named Alistair. Charles greets him while wearing a billowing open red shirt. Alistair is fawned over as he reads poetry. He’s fawned over so much Ruth breaks the 10 day quarantine rule. Hubert objects to Alistair getting a nice room while he is forced to live in squalor.

Poor Hubert is the Whitecross scapegoat. Jenny whines about Ruth wanting to make soap and then has a good cry because she is useless. Alistair shows off his spotless white wool sweater while carrying around a newspaper clipping about him. Hubert finds it, reads it and learns Alistair is a convicted child killer. He reveals this to everyone.

Alistair then gets a chance to tell his side (something poor Barney never got back in series 1). Alistair’s excuse? The kid was asking for it and the Whitecross jerks decide to let him stay because he’s not Hubert. No, seriously. Alistair creeps off anyway. The Whitecross morons call him a “poor man”. Jenny is the loudest of all as she says she’ll “miss” him and rants about how much she hates being “stuck” with Hubert.

This was okay but words fail me they really do. Greg led a lynch mob against the innocent Barney in series 1. Is this supposed to be character growth? Everyone fawning over Alistair is just creepy and their scapegoating of Hubert for being working class and daring to object to people not helping to fix his leaky roof is stomach churning.

Best Lines:
You seem a very friendly and sensible people.”
“Well, we haven’t taken to cannibalism yet.”

“From now on I do as much as anybody else, which isn’t much.”

Ep 6

The Witch
Mina a reclusive Whitecross resident wheels her baby around in a pram. Who’s the daddy? Remembering Charles in series 1, I wondered if it was his. The obnoxious kids annoy, people blame Hubert because the cows are dry and Pet can’t be bothered to help Mina with her baby. All in all another charming day at Whitecross.

Greg and Charles try to get a watermill going. Where did it come from? Hubert fancies Mina and indulges in some stalking. The kids start saying Mina is a witch. Mina quickly replaces Hubert as the Whitecross scapegoat. She is blamed for Hubert spraining his leg, the cows drying up, the potatoes not sprouting and she’s also accused of trying to poison Pet.

Peggy starts ranting and obviously stumbles over a line of dialogue. Pet also starts shrieking accusations. Peggy steals Mina’s baby and then waves a cross at Mina. Pet yells some more. Greg yells. These people are jerks, they look human but there’s nothing inside. Charles sorts it all out. This was ridiculous.

Best Lines:
Mina’s a witch isn’t she?”
“Yeah well, that’s not what I’d call her.”

“Now I know the real meaning of boredom.”

“You can get the hell out of this settlement and go and contaminate somewhere else.”

Ep 7

A Friend In Need
Ian McCulloch who played Greg wrote this ep. The settlement heads met up, Greg fails to win them over. Since when do Charles and co have a windmill? They learn a sniper is on the loose. Greg and Charles investigate, the horrible child actors mess things up by breaking the shotgun.

Jenny thinks Vic is the sniper. As Greg and Charles hunt the heavy breathing sniper it is obviously that the grass is freshly mown. Greg objects to the sniper having killed eight women because they might have had kids at some future date. Greg is a horrible horrible git.

There’s no sign of Mina in this ep, the sniper hunt comes to an end as the stupid kids run off to join in. Those kids need a slap. The sniper is dealt with, it’s not Vic but the ‘twist’ is not interesting. This ep was moronical.

Ep 8

By Bread Alone
I think series 2 peaked with ‘Lights of London parts 1&2’. The obsession with agrarian living is too much. Cute lil’ lambs run around baaaaaing. Annoying new characters with bad teeth chortle. Who are Lewis and Alan? Where did they come from? Alan objects to having to work and calls Charles the “commandant”. He has a point.

Pet whines. Alan wears an orange vest. Lewis wears a dazzlingly white freshly ironed dress shirt with not a drop of sweat or speck of dirt on it. Greg and co make methane. His baby son Paul is ignored. Greg wears a billowing open denim shirt and says Jenny has post natal depression. Since when? Why doesn’t he care for his child?

The vile child actors need a slap. Lewis turns out to be a parson. Hubert suddenly looks a bit cleaner. An Italian named Daniella speaks in comical broken English. Jenny whines, which is all she done so far in series 2. Two hippies named Phillip and Judy whine and decide to leave to get away from the Whitecross whiners. Charles and Greg whine.

Phillip accuses Charles of communism and point out there is a “boss class” at Whitecross. This is exactly Hubert’s complaint from ep 5. Phillip however is listened to as he’s not working class. Lewis holds a service. This was okay but did anyone ever fix Hubert’s roof?

Best Lines:
Where was God in the plague?”
“Man made the plague.”

“Where will they go? Where is there to go?”

Ep 9

The Chosen
Pet and Charles are out on the road lugging salt around. The roads are in good order and the fields aren’t overgrown at all. In fact you can see fresh mower marks on the grass. Charles and Pete stumble into two hippies (not Phillip and Judy from ep 8).

The hippies tell Charles and Pet their baby was killed by rats and they found a settlement but were thrown out. Pet calls the duo “deranged vagrants”. When did Pet become so unpleasant? When the hippies get sick, Charles and Pet take them to the settlement they spoke about.

It’s very martial and the hippies are dismissed as “termies” and left to die. However Charles and Pet are viewed with some favour due to their salt. Charles and Pet are wary as the settlement is fascist. One of the fascists is the guy who plays Roy Cropper on ‘Coronation Street’!

The fascist’s leader wears a tracksuit and glares ominously. Charles and Pet want to leave but get caught up in a leadership fight. This was good.

Best Lines:
You have a police state in embryo.”

“It the them and us syndrome.”

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