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The Event Ep 12 Review


Is this cancelled yet? Thomas cows an entire platoon of military men with his ugly haircut. Maya blathers. Thomas frees the Inostranka detainees and kills those who side with his mommy. But the majority side with Thomas and skip off with him.

Senator Lewis annoys. Sean meets Sophia. Leila sensibly asks her alien daddy some questions but all he reveals is that he is from a planet that humans designate MGC253. Oh and Sean can’t know anything. No problem Michael, Sean doesn’t know anything period.

Leila fails to ask why Michael won’t reveal anything, what his people call themselves or their planet and why they look just like us.

Leila has no fits of rage or sorrows when Michael reveals he is an alien. Who else guesses that Leila’s hybridity is the key to resolving the human/whatever they are conflict?

Fresh from overthrowing Mommy Dearest’s authority, Thomas slaps Blake around. Blake does not recognise Thomas. They met in the ep when Blake suspected Simon was an alien but Thomas fixed that. Speaking of that rather enjoyable ep, Thomas framed Murphy for all the stuff Simon did. Murphy was last seen being hauled off, so what became of him? Speaking of vanishing characters: where is the Vice President?

This show’s grasp on reality is weak. Thomas is a ludicrous villain, badly written and badly miscast. Maya helps Blake in a non shocking act of rebellion. Sean abandons Leila. The annoying old fart moves rocks around on another rock.

Are we supposed to see Sean as a decisive, rational, unfalteringly, honourable image of moral faultlessness? I’m sure he ditched Leila because one he learns of her ET heritage, he sees her as something strange, uncanny and possibly threatening. This was awful; I miss the non-linear storytelling of earlier eps. I miss Simon doing interesting stuff instead of being Sophia's tagalong yes man.
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