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Bones Season 6 Ep 11

The Bullet in the Brain

I haven’t watched this show is ages but I tuned in because of the Gravedigger plotline. The Gravedigger goes to court for an appeal and is shot dead. No-one is upset.

Sweets annoys, bring back Zack. Angela is still selfish and annoying. The latest reoccurring villain in the form of a sniper (Arnold Vosloo, who looks seriously rough) emerges.

A cleaning product named ‘Clogo’ is used, it’s a good name but not as good as the wonderful ‘Liquid Purge’ mentioned in a season 4 ‘Prison Break’ ep. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“You’re forced to live every day as a repressed immature imbecile spouting canned theories to people who don’t really care.”

“What she say?”
“Nothing worth repeating.”

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