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The Event Ep 11 Review

And Then there Were More

It returns and I’ve forgotten most of the character’s names. Thomas’ message is translated as: “Preparations are being made for your arrival.” Sophia’s a useless leader. Thomas’ lackey is building a huge portal in Tibet.

The boring Leila is half-alien, yawn. Simon breaks Michael out of jail. Simon is an interesting character so naturally the show ignores him in favour of Sophia and Thomas’ terrible acting. Does no-one notice that Simon is never at work?

Katherine (Virginia Madsen of ‘Candyman’) is a new Senator who has found out about Inostranka and she tells bad lies that people fall for. Samantha is finally rescued, no-one cares. Thomas stages a prison break at Inostranka. Sean the charisma void needs to be killed off. Blake chats to Maya, who seems to be played by a different actress. This was all so boring.
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