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Trailer Fun

Breaking In’ promo
Christian Slater, Bret Harrison and Michael Rosenbaum in the same show? Yes! Shame it looks stupid.

‘The Stand’ trailer
This 1994 miniseries was okay, a bit cheap looking and dull though. The guy who played Flagg was badly miscast.

‘The Resident’ trailer
Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks creepy. This film looks dire.

‘Limitless’ trailer
Not appealing.

‘The Club’ trailer
This 1994 horror was okay, it has bad CGI and a cast of idiots.

‘Fringe’ 3x17 promo

‘The Mephisto Waltz’ trailer
This 1971 horror has Alan Alda and satan. It’s an awful trailer but a good movie.

Source Code’ trailer
This looks like a big budget version of that 90’s show ‘Seven Days’.
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