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Reaper and other stuff

I read an interview with the creator of ‘Reaper’ which explained how it would have all ended and I say, no. The Sam’s Dad re-reveal makes no sense. Plus the season 3 (ha!) plotline sounds a bit interesting, which makes one wonder why season 2 was full of junk like: Andie’s tantrums, Sock and his stepsister, Ben & Nina and Morgan. The interview didn’t explain the non-involvement of Kevin Smith and where Sam’s brother Kyle vanished to. Sorry ‘Reaper’, season 2 killed my enjoyment of the show.

Clotted cream shortbread is nice.

Books I wish to read: Angel of the Opera, The Giant Rat of Sumatra, Shalador's Lady, The Poison Master, Uncertain Allies, Hex Hall 2, Blood of the Rose, The Tomorrow Code and The Soul Mirror.
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