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Book Review: The King's Bastard

The King’s Bastard: Book One of the Chronicles of King Rolen’s Kin by Rowena Cory Daniels

A disappointing, exposition dump filled tale populated by morons. In the snow bound kingdom of Rolencia, Byren is the younger twin brother of Lence the heir to the throne.

Lence resents Byren for being more popular than him, the King is in thrall to a bastard relative, the Queen is a favourite playing fool and the superfluous royal children are selfish stupid spoilt brats.

Byren tells a ridiculous lie to try and save his best friend Orrade. It’s an idiot move because Orrade got himself into trouble by being a fool. It’s a lie that has endless repercussions for Byren.

Nobody ever just says what’s going on; they’re either constrained by secrets and lies or a useless trouble stirring twit like Orrade’s sister. Most of the characters are morons who deserve every bad thing that happens to them.

This is deeply disappointing, however books two and three of the saga are a vast improvement. Probably because most of the more irritating characters in this book have been killed off due to their own idiocy.
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