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Book Reviews: Green-Eyed Demon +The Bride That Time Forgot

Green-Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells

This is the third in the ‘Sabina Kane’ series after ‘Red-Headed Stepchild’ and ‘The Mage in Black’. The first book was good, the second was terrible and this is a good return to form.

Sabina’s twin sister has been abducted by the vampires. It’s all part of a complicated plan. Sabina has to save her sister, thwart various foes and save the day. But naturally it’s complicated as things are changing in the supernatural world. Sabina’s actions will have long term consequences.

This is a good read with an intriguing set up for book 4. The only flaw is Adam the manipulative ‘boyfriend’, he’s too annoying. This is a good series I’ll stick with it now the ‘Weather Warden’ series has come to such a disappointing end.

Best Lines:
He can’t get out and kill us in our sleep.”
“Oh, that’s comforting.”

The Bride That Time Forgot by Paul Magrs

The 5th in the ‘Brenda & Effie’ series. There’s been a rift between Brenda and Effie, over choices both have made in their love lives. The rift and the resolution thereof plays out amidst a tale of vampires, a book club, a vampire slayer, a mysterious lost land and a lizard man.

This is a good tale though Brenda is now an utterly dislikeable character with her self righteousness and whining. Still the homage’s and back-story are great.

Best Line:
Everyone and everything you touch turns to the bad in the end.”
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