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Outcasts Ep 7 Review

The AC’s are in communication with aliens. No-one in Forthaven seems too concerned that they might be the only 70,000 humans left out of 8 billion. Tate has a close encounter of the third kind and learns some interesting information.

Cass gets a note that someone knows who he really is. Cass’ real name is Tom and he was a criminal who Tate gave a new life to. How does the colony have enough paper to write threatening notes and letters to lovers?

Stella calls the aliens the Host Force for some bizarre reason. Also no-one in Forthaven has noticed the oncoming anti-matter/nuclear powered ship approaching. Cass acts like a jerk, Tate acts like a moron and the AC’s beat up Tate. Julius and Jack strike. Fleur hooks up with Jack.

It seems Julius is a mere minion of whoever is on the oncoming ship. There is mutterings about an Omega Subject. Uh, I do not deign to care. Will Cass still have a job after this? What happened to Earth? What terrible thing did Cass do?

Best Line:
You thought this planet was empty. It isn’t."
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