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Marchlands Ep 5 Reviewed

In 1987, Eddie’s wife is a moron and why he doesn’t divorce her isn’t explained. Amy gets away with everything. Scott twitches and nobody notices or cares. Until Eddie’s wife sees something and notices her son is ill and finally pays attention to him.

In 1968, Ruth whines and Paul leaves. Olive’s paternity is revealed as is the reason for Alice’s death. There’s no big secret. She was a stupid, tantrum throwing brat. So Ruth’s endless shrieking and accusations were all for nothing.

In 2010, Nisha and Mark question Scott. Ruth has more selfish drama queen antics. She needs locking up and yet gets away with her lies. Nisha and Mark paint over the mural and decide that Alice is no longer prancing around Marchlands.

This was ridiculous. It started out well with episode one but fell apart thereafter. Whatever became of the alleged dog Robert was walking the day Alice died? Why do Ruth and Amy get away with their behaviour? If Ruth took Alice’s bear away with her in 1968, then how did Nisha find it in the cellar in 2010? Who cut that hole in Amy’s carpet?
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