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Book Reviews: The Palace +Paths of Disharmony

The Palace by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
It is 1490 and a man calling himself Francesco Ragoczy has come to live in Florence. There he immerses himself in the city’s culture and befriends the Medicis. But trouble is on the horizon, a fanatical monk named Savonarola is gaining religious and political power.

Ragoczy must watch his step; he has many enemies and many secrets. His darkest secret is that he is more than a man, he is a vampire. But how long can Ragoczy stand by as Savonarola’s following grows? It is devastating the city and endangering all those Ragoczy cares for.

This is a very good historical horror novel. It’s a tragic look at the infamous bonfire of the vanities.

Star Trek Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony by Dayton Ward
Picard and Crusher have a toddler son and coo over him endlessly. We get pages and pages of their adoration of their toddler. Their geriatric parenting leads them to be inept on a diplomatic mission to Andor which has massive consequences.

This was utterly boring. The writing was dull and full of exposition dumps and mwah ha haing villains. Picard and the UFP president Bacco should both be fired for gross incompetence. And in-between the pages of Picard’s adoration of his toddler were junk science, techno babble and T’Ryssa Chen prancing around.

This had an ugly cover and Picard, Bacco and other Starfleet types were such pompous, arrogant idiots it is no wonder the Typhon Pact managed to score such a massive victory. I look forward to reading about the fall out but this book was awful.

Best Line:
“Dead, and gone to dust. Leave them there.”
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