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Quotes of the Day

Raising Hope’ Quotes
“I do not practice decitery.”

“The internet tubes do come here.”

“We come from idiot stock.”

“Do not use any of this make up until you’re 14 or earlier if you’re fat.”

Hollyoaks’ Quotes
And this was his response? To batter you?"

“We didn’t fight, you beat me up.”

“You will come back to me though, you always do.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have hit you that hard. The damage doesn’t look too bad in the cold light of day...kind of suits you actually.”

“Brendan’s being well weird today you know.”

“He’s poison.”

“I’m sick of you and your sadistic abusive little games with him.”

‘The Sworn’ Quotes
They’re the keepers of the barrows, and it’s their job to make sure what’s buried in those barrows stays buried.”

“We fear the North Winds, m’lord. On them comes the Hollowing.”

“If someone seeks to awaken what slumbers in the Abyss, then dark times are truly upon us.”

Splintered Bones’ Quote
He slapped me around...that was always the preliminary to a real beating. A few slaps. Then it could go either way."
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