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Outcasts Eps 5&6 Reviewed

Ep 5

Julius is in secret communication with another ship en-route to the cultural backwater colony. That is the only interesting thing that happened in this ep.

What also happened was that Fleur and Cass learn that tales they have been told about the foundation of the colony are lies. Being Fleur and Cass they pay no heed, because they’re morons. Also they seem to be the only PAS officers in Forthaven. Also Fleur has forgotten Cass’ mammoth betrayal in ep 4.

A stranger shows up in Forthaven and starts flinging cut diamonds around. Everyone gets diamond fever which is a bit odd as diamonds should be worthless. The stranger sort of invites Cass and Fleur on a trek to the beach.

He tells them tales of his time on Carpathia and all but admits there are aliens on the planet. But they don’t listen because they’re stupid. No wonder Mitchell went insane.

The stranger turns out to be Patrick Baxter, the alleged first man on Carpathia. But he tells them the truth about the real first man on Carpathia. He also leads them to evidence of “proto-human” life, which they decide to ignore.

Elsewhere Julius rants on about the universal spirit and is trying to takeover leadership, which shouldn’t be hard as Tate is inept. The cast is too small. Why am I supposed to care about the annoying druggie whiner? Or the stupid whining moronic jerks Fleur and Cass?

This was rubbish, but what do you expect from the BBC after what they did to Lucas North in the last series of ‘Spooks’. I’ve had seen more scares and drama on ‘Hollyoaks’ where Brendan is stalking and beating Ste again.

Why were the diamonds already cut and polished? Why haven’t Cass and Fleur learned to navigate by the stars already? Shouldn’t Baxter’s flight suit be falling apart and stinking? Why are some parts of the planet radioactive closed zones? How did Lily get hold of curling irons? Why is the Forthaven council never shown in session?

Why is the sea described as radioactive yet in the next scene Cass and Fleur run into said sea? Where does everyone get their endless supply of ammunition? What happened to the rest of Baxter’s Advanced Landing Party? Where did Julius get the communications device? Why have they still not surveyed the planet properly? Why does everyone insult the XPs?

Best Lines:
He scares me. They way he talks about the planet not wanting us. This is our home.”

“This planet doesn’t want us.”
“But here we are.”

Ep 6

Tate figures out that there is alien life on Carpathia – why did it take so long to show up? The colonists are stupid. Tate is incompetent. Fleur and Cass the only PAS officers on the planet are all buddy buddy.

Julius works to recruit Jack and Stella to his coup. Julius is neither menacing nor creepy. Brendan on ‘Hollyoaks’ is more menacing then Julius, like when he shouts threats through his ex boyfriend’s door and menaces a guy in a wheelchair.

An XP named Josie (played by the actress who was Helen Cutter on ‘Primeval’) goes missing and then shows up in Forthaven acting oddly. After she absconds with her children another Josie shows up. The AC’s attack Forthaven and Stella obsesses over a pregnant woman.

Fleur and Cass still find time to be rude to the AC’s despite missing children and aliens. The AC’s plot and one of them is captured. Everyone decides to ignore the whole fake Josie issue because the script is stupid. Tate is an ineffective idiot. This was crud.

Who is the father of Josie’s kids? Why is Cass such a jerk? What happened to Josie? Who/what was the fake Josie? Why do the smug stupid Forthaven residents decide fake Josie was a mass hallucination?

Best Lines:
“What are you not telling me?”
“Another you came down from the hills.”

“I would much rather there was no or.”

“We will be ready for you.”

“I don’t think we’re alone here.”

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