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Chase Ep 13 +Hawaii Five-0 Ep 5 Reviewed

Narco Part 2

Annie’s team continue their gross behaviour by crashing a funeral and abducting the bad guy. They bully and break the law and Luke the outsider is yelled at. Meanwhile Annie and a fellow hostage escape. Jimmy and co do stupid things while self-justifying.

Annie is in peril yet still bullies and threatens. Her fellow hostage is stupid and bad deals are made. This was awful.


A kid thinks a dead body at sea is a mermaid. There are gratuitous torso shots of Steve. Masi Oka pops up as a medical examiner. The chatty midget needs shooting. The governor describes Steve and Danno as her two best people. What are Kono and Chin Ho? Something that stuck to her shoes?

Two party girls were abducted by a nightclub creep. One is dead and the other has to be found. The bad guy looks like a fat stand up comic. The missing girl is rescued and she doesn’t seem very upset that her sister is dead. This was okay.
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