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Marchlands Ep 4 Reviewed

In 1987 Amy is a brat, Scott is ignored and their mother is a useless shrew. In 1968 Olive’s mother burns something. This ep was full of bad acting and annoying characters. Mark’s a prat both as an adult and a teenager in his denim cut-offs.

In 2010, Ruth lies to Nisha. Olive reveals she had Mark’s baby which died. Nisha shrieks. In 1987 Scott sees Alice and Eddie is berated by his shrill shrew wife. In 1968 Ruth’s vile mother in law stirs the pot. I was more entertained by the ad where John Prescott advertises car insurance. Why is this series so full of poisonous women?

Best Line:
“I thought I might end up on the other side of the world, not the other side of the village.”
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