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Book Reviews: Pariah+Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove+Green Hornet Vol2+Kato Vol1+Crusader’s Torch

Pariah by Bob Fingerman

The zombie uprising has happened and in a Manhattan apartment building, a group of residents are sealed in and abandoned. The cruelty and sheer horror of their lives is obvious as they slowly starve trapped in their homes. Even now, they still can’t believe their lives have been undone so badly.

Some await the inevitable and some have gone over the edge. But one day into their lives full of misery so extreme they welcome death, comes hope. A young woman walks among the dead unharmed. She may be their salvation. This is a good and darkly comic tale.

The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove by Lauren Kate

This is a very good Southern gothic tale. Natalie Hargrove is the school princess/mean girl and now she wants to make it official. She aims to win the title of Palmetto Princess at her school; it’s all she ever wanted.
It will be her ultimate achievement after escaping her past and remaking herself. But Natalie makes a bad decision that undoes everything she cares about. This is a delightfully twisted tale.

The Green Hornet Volume Two: Wearing O’ The Green scripts by Kevin Smith

The new Green Hornet and Kato have a new helper which is just as well as Britt Jr is hilariously inept. The Black Hornet plots, a stealth jet is worked into the plot and Scanlon gets his. This is very good part from the sexism and incomprehensible fight scenes.

Best Lines:
Who’re you hiding the car from? Why the big secret floor, car-switch thing?”

“Kato isn’t the hat pimp?”
“God, no.”
“I never liked the hat.”

“Shut up and start punching people.”

Kato Volume One: Not My Father’s Daughter written by Ande Parks

A spin-off from Kevin Smith’s ‘Green Hornet’ series explores the back-story of Mulan Kato and her father. Kato’s wife dies and his annoying daughter trains up. However the timeline doesn’t seem to match up and the ages of Mulan, the villain and the villain’s back-story seem to have been changed. This was okay but didn’t really grab me.

Crusader’s Torch by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

From the author of ‘Out of the House of Life’ and ‘A Candle for d’Artagnan’ comes this tale of turmoil during a dark period in history. It is 1189 and the Third Crusade is being waged. Olivia Clemens lives in tyre and desires to return to her home in Roma. But her journey will not be easy.

It will take years and she will face pirates, shipwreck and the gaining and losing of a good man. It is a fearful situation but Olivia has more to fear than most. She is a vampire and discovery means death. This is a good tale which details a brutal time of religious fervour and chaos.
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