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Marchlands Ep 3 Reviewed

In 2010 Nisha gives birth to a baby girl. Ruth is shocked to hear the baby will be called Alice and the feckless Mark is disinterested in his daughter and partner. In 1968 Ruth undergoes a nasty infertility test, her husband Paul screams a lot and one is left wondering if Paul was actually Alice’s father.

In 1987 Scott is ignored as he twitches and Eddie’s wife is shrill and annoying. Eddie finds Alice’s book and information about her death. Mark wears ridiculous cut off denim shorts and sleeps with Olive.

In 2010 Ruth gives baby Alice a bath only for malevolent haunting to try and kill the baby. Perhaps the ghost’s pique had something to do with Nisha finding Alice’s old toys in the cellar and giving them to her baby. Mark is no help to anyone, he seems allergic to success. Scott informs Nisha about Mark and Olive getting it on back in the day.

Back in 1968 after being blamed (again) for causing Alice’s death Ruth ends up at a student party. Gets high, has a happening and nearly sleeps with a student. This was uninvolving. What is up with Olive? What is wrong with Mark? Do Ruth’s in-laws have dark dark hearts?
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