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Book Reviews: 0.4 + The Green Hornet Year One + Rough Beasts of Empire

0.4 by Mike Lancaster
This unnerving novel is sort of like ‘The Tommyknockers’. A small village has a talent show. Four volunteers step up on stage to be hypnotised and then everything changes.

Familiar faces look at them with hatred and contempt. What was once normal seems evil, yet pure in its own malignant way. The four cannot fathom what is going on. Are their friends and family being changed and honed for a purpose? This is a very good Lovecraftian tale of fear, change and wrongness.

Best Lines:
“They are to us as we are to apes.”

“I really don’t think you want to go in there.”

The Green Hornet Year One Volume One: The Sting of Justice script and art direction by Matt Wagner
In 1930’s Chicago, the Green Hornet and Kato take on the mob. This graphic novel explores their motivations, origins and first meeting. It’s a good take on the characters and I look forward to reading any further volumes.

Star Trek Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire by David R. George III
This is a dull tale of how Spock is still on Romulus blathering on about reunification. Elsewhere a wildly out of character Sisko is having an existential crisis. He quits Starfleet, rejoins Starfleet and then abandons his family.

The divided Romulans are plotting, an old foe returns (again) and Kira’s post DS9 life is revealed and it is an unexpected one. There is mention of The Ascendants- a plotline the DS9 reluanch have been hinting at for years and seem to have never got round to doing. So they skipped over it instead. The intriguing Donatra plot is flushed away and it seems that Trek books just give the illusion of change. This was a waste of my time.
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