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The Green Hornet (1966 – 1967) Eps 15&17 Reviewed

Ep 15

May The Best Man Lose

DA Frank Scanlon is up for re-election. Then his assistant is blown by a car bomb, after he puts on his lap seat belt. After a debate between the candidates notes Scanlon can’t catch the Green Hornet, the really obvious culprit show up.

So to unmask the villain, the Green Hornet flattens people and Kato kicks people in the face. There is a throwaway line about ‘construction rackets’. Scanlon and Kato actually talk. Kato looks good in his uniform. A cartoon looking bomb is used to try and kill the Green Hornet.

Kato’s kicks people and yells. The villain is turned in by his own brother who lets the Green Hornet the “most notorious criminal this city has ever known” escape, oh and Kato too. This was good, I love this show.

Wouldn’t hiding Black Beauty upside down be bad for the car? How does the car get from Britt’s ritzy swinging bachelor pad to a grotty alley? Why does Kato the world’s most dangerous combat chauffeur barely have any dialogue?

Best Lines:
“I don’t deal with little people.”

“Even a fish that smells as bad as you has a head.”

“He would be horrified if he knew that we were together. He’s clean, too clean.”

Ep 17

Seek, Stalk and Destroy

A tank is stolen, Mike blames the Hornet. The theft is tied into Bradford Devlin a former war hero on Death Row. There are mentions of the Korean War. Devlin’s former tank crew are out to break him out. So it’s Black Beauty vs a tank, then Kato vs a tank. Kato wins.

Kato beats someone up just because. Scanlon and Kato talk, again. Reid has a huge phone. Scanlon shows up at the climatic fight. The real baddie is revealed. There’s a quick release from Death Row. Why isn’t Kato at the party at the end? This was mediocre.

There are also fashion crimes in this ep: Casey wears a vile sleeveless puke coloured dress and Kato is in his vile white suit. Also Don Draper copies Britt Reid’s hair do.

Best Lines:
“Hey! Where’re you going with that tank?”

“I make no deals with the Green Hornet.”

“Your loyalty touches me.”

“Let’s make it a threesome.”
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