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Law and Order: Criminal Intent Season 4 Ep 12 +CSI NY Season 7 Ep 4 Reviewed


A shooting, a stolen toy leads to a female con artist who frequents sci-fi/fantasy conventions. This woman trolls conventions in a variety of outfits ripping off lonely men but meets her match. So who killed Jocelyn/Laurie/Elizabeth/Amanda/Linda or whatever her name is?

It all ties into a vampire fan club and some novels with titles like: ‘The Ripper’s Mask’, ‘Blood Magnolias’ and ‘Darkness Takes A Daughter’. This is good with a creepy ‘love box’, however the revelation scene is a bit dumb,

Best Lines:
“No wonder he was angry, she stole his robot.”

“Hobbit fairs.”

“If she’s looking for a new sucker she’ll get a lot of bites wearing that.”

“This is private property.”
“That’s why we have a search warrant.”

“This is really embarrassing, my mom is watching from her window.”

Sangre Por Sangre

A gang leader (Edward James Olmos) is released from jail and his replacement dies. Mac runs around being rude, yelling and accusing. Sela Ward is in the cast and with some beeswax polish; she’d make a lovely sideboard.

Then there’s another death. Is the feared and violent gang’s next generation to blame or is it the special guest star? Mac screws everything up. This was fairly okay.

Best Lines:
“A one stop shop for all bad things.”

“Last I saw you, you were in Catholic school.”
“Back when I robbed nuns for fun.”

“Promise to protect the neighbourhood not to eat it alive. To defend it not to become the worst threat it had ever known.”

“I never intended to create something violent.”

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