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Marchlands Ep 2 Reviewed

Helen and Eddie take Amy the troublemaker to see a psychiatrist. The glacial 1968 husband pulls faces and the 2010 wife feels isolated. Her husband Mark seems to be followed around by an emotional chill.

Over some horribly overdone 1968 food Ruth is ordered to sort herself out. And have another child. In 1987 Amy is allowed to handle huge scissors while her brother is ignored. Throughout all the eras, the swing set creaks ominously.

In 2010 the elderly Ruth shows up to be the home help. In 1987 Mark hangs out with some yobs drinking cider in a bus stop then heads over to clean up Olive’s mother’s garden. Olive was the deaf child in 1968 and should be in her mid-20’s in 1987. So why is she panting over Mark and wearing high waisted acid washed jeans?

In 1968 Ruth finds Alice’s cross on her grave and calls the cops. Her hysteria causes everyone to ignore her and blame her for Alice’s death. So in 2010 Ruth sees the uncovered mural and freaks out.

And in 1987 Amy and ghost Alice hold hands, oh come on. That was ludicrous. That was like something out of ‘Shortland Street’. This was a dull drag, a real letdown after ep 1. Still at least it wasn’t ‘Mad Dogs’.

What happened between Olive and Mark? What is wrong with Amy’s ignored brother Scott? Why does nobody spray some WD40 on that bloody creaky swing?

Best Lines:
“He hardly knows us.”
“He married us.”

“Mummy’s home.”

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