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Book Reviews: Irredeemable Volume 5 +Sherlock Holmes vs Zombies

Irredeemable Volume 5 created by Mark Waid
Kaidan's powers give the Paradigm a chance. Multiple plots are in motion, an arch villain is uncovered and a late teammate reveals a secret. Also what's left of the Paradigm is falling apart with various members either AWOL or beating up on each other. Then some sort of allies show up. This is very good with an unexpected denouncement.

Best Line:
"With fuel pipelines across America burning like candles, there's not much intercity commerce anymore."

Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs Zombies writer Ian Edginton
A meteor, Moriarty and a zombie plague are the subjects of this very good graphic novel. Overlook the disgusting cover and you get a fun steampunk romp. Holmes and Watson fight zombies, an Elizabethan street is located under the tube line and Mycroft and Moran show up.

This was great fun. Sure the name of the Stuart dynasty is misspelled but one can overlook that one flaw. This has airships, tanks and a good end game.

Best Lines:
"I thought you said he was dead?"
"He was...he is...but he won't lie down!"

"In the company of his corpulent brother and that bore, Watson."

"I have forsaken a good book, a large brandy and a warm bed to snatch you both from a ghastly demise."

"I have seen men die before me...having them rise up and attempt to tear out my throat is a wholly new and unnerving experience."

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