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Outcasts Ep 2 Reviewed

On the distant planet of Carpathia, more annoying boring crud happens. So has the colony around for five or ten years? They can't seem to make up their minds. Also how do they get their food? I see no evidence of farms. And where are their vechicles? Why does nobody do anything other than sit around swilling beer and whining like Alexandra off 'Dr Phil'.

Julius Berger shows up to annoy. Karina's dead, Mitchell's dead and their annoying sprog Linus is not in this ep so their entire plot was a throwaway. Fleur annoys. The opening credits annoy. Jack is lied to, frozen faced Stella won't shut up about her daughter Lily and Cass and co continue to insult Jack's team.

Accusations are made against Berger. The people outside the fence show up and they are clones, yes Tate created clones and then ordered them killed out of spite cos he is a tool. For some reason the clones are called AC's. Cass and Fleur won't hear a word said against Tate because they are stupid.

Berger leads a prayer to The Universal Spirit. The hatchet faced Stella waits, waits, waits for Lily. It is hinted that the AC's know something about the illness. Tate covets a baby AC cos Forthaven's birthrate is dropping or something.

The Forthaven druggie annoys, there is a plethora of irritating gormless teenage girls, Tate is vile and the acting is terrible. This is sci-fi written by people who don't understand sci-fi.

Lily shows up and stomps her feet at her mother. Rudy the AC leader is an unemoting block of wood who looks like a roadie and has the intelligence of a refrigerator. This was dire, everyone in it seems to have malignant hero syndrome. I haven't sat through something this bad since the movie 'Once Upon A Crime'

Best Lines:
"We are the aliens on Carpathia."

"There's still a lot about this planet you don't know."

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