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Thoughts of the Day

A book I Look Forward To Reading: Allison Hewitt is Trapped.

'Sanctuary' got a season 4?!? Well I won't bother with it or season 3 due to season 2 being so bad.

DVDS To Buy: Monsters, The Green Hornet and Agora.

'Outcasts' is such a failure it makes me recall 'Earth 2' with fondness. That show had the tagline: "This time we are the aliens' and actually meant it. It had the really alien Terrians, it had Alonzo traveling through the earth, the moon cross and Clancy Brown sporting a bad 80's perm.

The show also had morganite, a spy in their midst, bizarre virtual reality glasses and a good ep that showed the colony's future would be grim. Sure every other ep they tripped over evidence of a previous expedition. I can't recall why their colonization attempt was sabotaged but it was. But did no planetary surveys show that the planet they called Earth 2 was inhabited by three sentient lifeforms?

It was a good show, granted the final ep ended on a dumb cliffhanger but it was a nice series.
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