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Marchlands (2011) Ep 1 Reviewed

Three families live in the same remote house in different time periods. Somehow something malevolent connects all three in 1968, 1987 and 2010.

In 1968 a young couple live with their vile in-laws and are suffering from the death of their daughter Alice. Everything is dreary, with hideous wallpaper, attire and a general miasma of coldness and misery. Alice’s mother Ruth is an irritating shrike, her grief makes her shrill and nobody listens to her or wants to be around her.

In 1987 a couple and their two children live in the same house. The attire is still hideous but manages to be warm. But they listen to Tiffany, watch ‘Crossroads’, wear terrible clothes and their daughter Amy has an imaginary friend named Alice. Amy’s behaviour is causing problems as the vile little brat is a budding sociopath.

In 2010 a young couple are redecorating the house in sterile IKEA style and awaiting the birth of their child. The wife finds a book and a mural that belonged to Alice and decides to name her own child Alice.

This is very good. There is a mounting sense of unease as in 2010, the mother-to-be uncovers artefacts from the 1960’s. The 1987 mother (Alex Kingston) wears dungarees and aerobic gear and looks like she needs a visit from Gok Wan.

Her vile teenage son Scott is still lurking around the house in 2010. He’s all grown up now, but he knows something. The mystery intrigues. Something ominous is going on and I look forward to finding out what.

How did the 2010 couple afford the house? How did Alice die? What does the 2010 husband know about what is going on? What is the significance of the deaf girl from 1968 knowing the 2010 husband? What happened to Amy’s coat and cross?

Best Lines:
She’s always lived here.”

“Television? The death of conversation if you ask me.”

“It’s like she’s still here.”

“Bloody Ophelia.”

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