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Outcasts (2011) Ep 1 Reviewed

Hawaii Five-0’ was a letdown and so was this. A colony has been founded on a distant world. Finally another transport ship has arrived after a five year voyage. The colony has been established for five years and there is only the one city Forthaven and a lot of secrets.

Mitchell (Jamie Bamber) wants to leave Forthaven and set up another settlement with his annoying child actor son and wife. But his wife has informed on him. So he goes mad, or so we have to assume as Bamber is a terrible actor. The colony is ruled by Richard Tate (Liam Cunningham of ‘Dog Soldiers’) and his frozen faced cohort Stella (Hermione Norris of ‘Spooks’), who are lying fascists.

Tate makes sappy speeches and is plotting against the expeditionary teams that are surveying the planet. Stella likes to use mind reading machines on people. They are keeping secrets about the Evacuation Programme from Earth and the fact there is something outside the fence.

This is like a stiff upper lip version of ‘Earth2’. Except with bad acting and annoying characters. Mitchell’s wife Karina was a liar, her buddy Fleur is an idiot and the only interesting character is Cass.

The transport ship burns up in the atmosphere but some people survive, one of whom is Tate and Stella’s nemesis Julius (Eric Mabius of ‘Ugly Betty’). This was mediocre; however I’ll watch ep 2 because there is a gleam of potential. Then again I thought the same about 'Bonekickers' and 'The Deep'.

What happened to the rest of the flotilla? Why has contact been lost with Earth? What are these whiteouts the colony suffers from? What are Tate and Stella lying about? What did Cass do? There was a nuclear war on Earth? What was the illness during the early days of the colony?
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