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Primeval Series 4 Ep 7 Review

This appalling series ends, it was worse than series 3. Thusly I have no interest in series 5. This show is an intellectual wasteland. A chav vanishes during a prison visit. The team show up to uncover why and find a terror bird and multiple anomalies.

The stupid Matt needs a slap. Phillip is permanently grim faced. Danny returns, he never asks why Sarah isn’t around. Connor’s stupid. There is no point to Jess. There is a revelation about Ethan. This show comes to a near standstill whenever Jess, Emily, Matt or Ethan get acting space.

Phillip and Helen Cutter have a connection. Ethan whines and possibly kills Becker. Matt’s Emily obsession goes on and he reveals his not so big secret. But his acting is so flat and non-existent in the scene it is a non-event.

This was dull and awful Series 5 is set up as it is revealed the dumb Connor will destroy all life on Earth. D’oh.

Why are there sheets hung out in an empty prison? Where did Danny get the change of clothes? Why did Abby vanish for the last 15 minutes of this ep?

Best Lines:
You named your stick?”
“Listen it was just me and those terror birds for six months.”

“Drop the gun or I’ll drop you."

“Helen Cutter, dead?”
“As a dodo.”

“Well strictly speaking it was a combination between a raptor and a steep cliff that finally finished her off.”

“I don’t belong here and neither do you.”

“We exist underground because the surface of the planet can’t sustain life anymore. It’s sterile because of something mankind did.”

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