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The Green Hornet (1966 – 1967) Eps 4&20 Reviewed

Crime Wave
Crooks rob a plane without anyone noticing. So the Green Hornet and Kato spring into action. Lenore Casey shows up sporting a vile pink outfit. The Green Hornet is stolid, his car and Kato do all the work. Poor Kato, even the opening credits describe him as an “aide”.

It turns out there is a crime predicting computer that is the size of a room and one of its operators has gone to the bad. The Green Hornet and Kato crash his costume party; they literally crash through a window. The baddie of the week is wearing a devil costume.

The duo has to unmask the evil doer and this leads to a warehouse fight. Where The Green Hornet rolls out of a moving car, Kato cruises around the warehouse at 2MPH and fake gold bars fall on the baddie. This was okay; The Green Hornet was drenched in sweat after his fight scene. Is the tie really necessary? Anyway bad acting aside, I really like this show.

Why do the police never seem to be looking for The Green Hornet and Kato, seeing as they are wanted criminals? Why did Reid call himself the Green Hornet? Why does Mike Axford never connect the Green Hornet and Reid? Axford is a crime reporter and never notices that Reid and the Hornet sound alike, he encounters Reid in both his guises and never guesses they are one and the same?

How did they build that secret entrance behind the fire place? Why do they have green lights in the garage and why is the car hidden upside down? Also Kato has no codename. Reid/Green Hornet calls him Kato in both guises and no-one ever connects the two? Why did the baddie bring the woman to the warehouse?

Best Lines:
Somebody’s giving the Green Hornet a bad name.”
“Happens all the time.”

“He is the most masterful criminal of our time.”

“Let’s roll Kato.”

“I recognise the sour smell of a double cross.”

Ace In The Hole
A group of crime lords have a meeting with the Green Hornet. Mike Axford, reporter by night and idiot by day crashes it. The Green Hornet and Kato have to keep Axford safe. This necessitates Kato kicking people in the head.

Kato doesn’t get to do much in this show. He barely talks and most of his time is spent as a bodyguard keeping an eye on who might be a threat to his boss. His chauffeur outfit is a bit fetish looking by the way. Axford is hidden in Britt Reid’s basement.

The Green Hornet and Kato gas people, throw unconscious mobsters into cars and set up an attack on Reid’s own house as part of a cunning plan. Axford spends most of this ep out cold. None of the big bad mobsters wonder why they can just walk in and out of Reid’s house.

Casey shows up to annoy. Britt Reid is kind of cute I will admit. Axford is dumb. The Hornet’s green suit and hat are a bit goofy looking. Kato kicks open a door. The mobsters turn on each other and a massive brawl erupts. The Green Hornet and Kato watch.

Then Axford dumbness means they have to join in. Cue more fighting and yelling. This was good. But seriously no-one ever guessed that Britt Reid and his live-in valet were the night-riding gangster and his loyal muscle?

Why does the Green Hornet knock? Why does no one wonder why they wear masks? Why do none of the big bad mob guts notice Axford waking up? Why doesn’t Reid drive? Reid has cameras all over his house, paranoid or kinky? The Green Hornet and Kato’s masks are like sunglasses, why does no-one ever just pull them off?

Best Lines:
Cutting the Hornet in is asking for trouble.”
“Would you rather have him some here looking for it?”

“Let’s talk first, you can always shoot later.”

“Shall we join them?”
“Not yet.”
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