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Book Reviews: Green Hornet Volume One +The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

Green Hornet Volume One: Sins of The Father scripts by Kevin Smith

Is this graphic novel meant to be a sequel to the tv show or what? Anyway Britt Reid and Kato retire from vigilante life as Britt wants to live in peace with his wife and son. Twenty years later Britt Reid Jr is a snotty little punk who disrespects his daddy and has no direction in life.

Britt Reid Sr can't see that one of his former allies has gone to the bad. This leads to him being murdered. Britt Jr wails. Kato and his daughter Mulan show up to sort Britt Jr out. For some reason Britt Sr kept his and Kato's costumes and gear in a quasi museum in his basement. Britt Jr whines and is dumb.

Soon enough a new Kato and Hornet team take to the streets. This was good,  very funny and enjoyable once you overlook some nasty sexist 'jokes'.

Best Lines:
"You owe me nothing Britt. Except your friendship and my own jet."

"The crooks were always scared by the hat."
"Yeah scared of your frightening lack of fashion sense."

"Will you still wear the mask to bed sometimes."

"I always imagined the guy to be a kinda giant, satanic wasp or something."

"I've never been in so much friggin' pain in my life."

"Only Kato drives the Black Beauty."

"Little Reid wants to play dress up in his father's clothes."

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart
Frankie is a quiet, unnoticed girl at her expensive, elite boarding school. Her family call her 'Bunny Rabbit' and everyone is affectionately dismissive of her.

But when a rich, popular boy at school notices her, this makes others notice her. Frankie is happy, at first. She soon begins to wonder why she's being lied to and fume at the imbalance of power in her relationship.

She also gets angry about other things: an all male secret society and the atmosphere at her school. So she takes action. This is a very good tale about self awakening and angry girl antics.
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