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Primeval Series 4 Ep 6 Review

Connor is dumb, people are stupid and TPTB assume we care about the whole Matt/Gideon thing. Ethan may not be who everyone thinks he is, no-one cares. Jenny Lewis aka Claudia Brown shows up when the team crash her wedding. It seems Jenny has got over Cutter's murder and is marrying a man utterly unlike him in every way.

Prehistoric dogs run around, the hotel hosting Jenny's wedding is awful, Matt talks, Emily tags along for no reason at all and Jenny's dress sense has not improved. We get big exposition dumps from Matt, yawn. Becker's boring, TPTB have ruined his character and Lester's to big up Matt. This was dull, boring and bog standard.

Where and when are Gideon and Matt from? Why does Matt have a job? Why is Matt so obsessed with Emily?
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