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Chase Ep 5 + The Green Hornet (1966 – 1967) Eps 11&21 Reviewed

Above The Law
A CEO who looted a pension fund makes an improbable escape from his trial. Annie Frost chases after him while wearing a hideous flannel shirt. This was a badly edited mess. And don’t even get me started on the guest appearance by Eddie Cibrian as a bounty hunter.

Ep 11

The Hunters and the Hunted
The Green Hornet and Kato met a guy in a park. For some reason the scene is tinted purple. The man pops up, the duo strike poses. The man turns out to be a criminal and he warns the pair that someone is killing racket guys. Why did he warn the Green Hornet? There’s a jukebox racket?

That someone is a pack of hunters who don linen hunting suits and hunt crooks with big crossbows. Because of the Green Hornet’s rep as a racketeer and Kato’s as his chauffeur/bodyguard/enforcer cover. Well they’re next on the hit list.

Kato gets to kick people in the head and pull nunchunks out of some secret hiding place. Reid wears a yellow cardi. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I hope this’ll be a friendly meeting.”
“How many friends have you dumped in the river?”

“All you had to do was knock.”
“Then you would have misunderstood the purpose of my visit.”

Ep 21

Bad Bet On a 459-Silent
Whilst hanging out as the Green Hornet, Britt Reid is shot. Kato (Bruce Lee) suggests Britt take off his clothes, Reid mumbles he wants to go home. Awww. Kato puts a tiny plaster on Reid’s shoulder and to enable Reid to get medical treatment they need a cunning plan.

The next day Reid goes to work and Kato shows up as his bad self to fake shooting Reid so he go to the hospital. Somehow the medics neglect to notice the wound is hours old and not fresh. Also how did Kato suddenly just appear in the news room and leave without being stopped? How did no-one ever cop on to Reid and Kato’s night time activities?

Reid gets treatment but the duo still has to deal with the shooter. So the duo get into their rather conspicuous costumes and car and drive around looking for the shooter. They find him and a fight scene that looks sub ‘Power Rangers’ takes place. Justice is served but Brit Reid’s employees still think the Green Hornet is a “rotten crook.”

This was okay and had a nice theme. But why weren’t the cops looking for the duo on attempted murder charges? Did no-one wonder why after the staged shooting Britt’s clothes didn’t have a bullet hole in them? Why does day turn to night in seconds? What sort of headline was ‘Wound Green Hornet’ in the paper? Why didn’t Kato visit Reid in the hospital?

Best Line:
“I didn’t believe it could happen. The Green Hornet sends his flunky into the middle of a crowded city room and takes a pot shot at the boss.”
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