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Charmed #5 + BTVS #40 Reviewed

Charmed Issue 5: Unnatural Resources
The Source is back and some evil skank in booty shorts is plotting. Piper declares: “I am beyond done with the Source.” The sisters break out Excalibur to take down the Source and fight him/it again.

Why are the magical community still pals with the sisters after the events of season 8? Why is Billie still around? Who is booty shorts woman and why is she uniting demons, vampires and darklighters? This was good.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 Issue 40: Last Gleaming, Part Five
Buffy’s changed the world. There is no more magic and the slayer line will die out in a generation. The future depicted in ‘Fray’ will soon come to pass. Anyway Buffy and co are living in San Francisco. Willow has dumped Kennedy and Buffy is billy-no-mates.

Dawn seems to have given up education and is living with Xander, ew. Angel is living in Faith’s closet. Buffy is still lecturing. This was good even if it was cold and emotionally barren. Why don’t the slayers call themselves slayers anymore? Where did the slayer army go? Why is Faith calling Buffy the only slayer who matters?
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