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Bones Season 4x05 Review

The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

In the 3rd season of 'Bones', the team occasionally came up against the
Gormogon serial killer. Now that was a cool arc with silver skeletons,
gruesome murders, Renaissance artwork and the whole idea of there being
generations of Gormogons who train each other in a Master/Apprentice way.
The 3rd season finale ep 'The Pain in the Heart' shockingly revealed that
team member Zack Addy had been recruited as Gormogon's apprentice. It made a
good ep, but when season 3 was re-watched in retrospect, the idea made no

Anyway in this ep Zack's now locked up in the nut house, he's got chubby and
no longer seems able to comb his hair. Sweets, Hodgins and Angela seem to
visit him regularly. As the team investigate a murder, Zack decides to help
by escaping from the loony bin to assist them. Anyway Sweets has to deliver
Zack back to the nut house and Zack makes a most interesting confession.

This was an okay ep, the murder o'the week plot was no real attention
grabber, it was the Zack plot that mattered. Zack reveals himself to be a
rather devious liar and it makes you wonder what else he is lying about.
Hopefully season 4 will bring him back again, this ep and Zack's behaviour
makes the whole Gormogon's apprentice idea much, much more plausible.

Brennen keeps going on about Zack's standards to her intern o'the week.
Zack's standards of what exactly? Being known as the 'psycho who helped the
serial killer''?
What about Zack's family? The intern o'the week thinking Zack and Booth are Brennen's boytoys -classic. Whatever happened to the season 2 serial killer The Gravedigger? Will this tie into Zack too? Anyone else get the feeling that Zack really dosen't like Sweets? Sweets was outsmarted by a guy who only has 60% use of his hands. I fail to see how floor licking and toilet mints can cure OCD. Nobody noticed Zack wandering around in his loony bin jammies?

Best Lines:
"King of the loony bin."

"Zack, promise you're not going to kill Sweets."

"Hodgins assures me I would not do well in prison."

"You know, a sane person would regret murdering someone more than being taken in by a line of crap."
"Define crap."
"Drivel, blarney, nonsense, balderdash, twaddle, bull, bunkum, hooey. Like that."
"Now I realize it was drivel, blarney, nonsense, balderdash, twaddle, bull, bunkum,
hooey. Then I perceived it as logic. "

"We're going to get you out of here someday, Zack, and you can be king again."
"I know you're lying to make me feel better, and not to be malicious."
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