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Primeval Series 4 Ep 5 Review

Ep 5

Phillip wants to solve the anomalies. Connor’s dumb, yet for some reason is offered a job by Phillip. Way too much time is spent on Ethan and Emily who are boring and can’t act.

Abby and Connor go on a creature hunt and encounter unfriendly pub locals as well as a crazy mother and son. Then they must deal with a bad CGI croc. This was complete and utter crud. Ethan, Emily, Matt, dumbness and bad CGI merge into one horrific amalgam of repugnance.

I’m sick of idiot locals, Matt’s inexplicable Emily obsession, the badly disguised Irish locations and the vaguely muttering Ethan who is the least threatening baddie ever.

Why isn’t Matt fired for his stunts? What happened to the rift between Abby and Connor? Why didn’t they stun the crazy pitchfork woman?

Best Lines:
“Look at the destruction Helen Cutter almost wrecked upon the human race.”

“I would rather shower in toxic waste.”

“Only children and drunks believe in the worm.”

“This place is seriously weird.”

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