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Book Reviews: The Living Dead 2 + The Lost World +Seize The Fire

The Living Dead 2 edited by John Joseph Adams

From the publishing house that gave us ‘By Blood We Live’, ‘The Impossible Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘Wastelands’ comes this tome about how the dead are living and the living will soon be dead. This is a very good collection.

Alone, Together
A man and a woman have survived a zombie uprising but can they survive the secret one of them is about to reveal? This is good.

Danger Word
This is a good tale of an old man who is determined to protect his grandson from all enemies in the aftermath of society’s collapse.

Peace Corps volunteers in Cameron struggle to survive. This is okay.

The Anteroom
What is the afterlife like for zombies after all they’ve done? This is creepy and very good.

When The Zombies Win
A short bitter tale of the inevitable after the human race has fallen.

Living With The Dead
This is an almost cosy and gentle yet creepy tale of the zombie uprising. It’s good.

Twenty-Three Snapshots of San Francisco
Photographs are all one survivor has left after the end. This is okay.

The Other Side
A generation after a zombie uprising, those who survive are still vigilant and maintain the fences. No-one has seen a zombie in years but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there waiting. What happens if through no fault of their own, someone ends up on the wrong side of the fence and will never be let back in? This is bitter and very good.

Where The Heart Was
A trailer trash couple deal with the ambulatory remains of the woman’s violent ex. Creepy and an okay read.

Good People
Survivors hide out at a motel complex. Their leader keeps them safe, for now. This is good with a dark ending.

Pirates vs Zombies
Survivors hide out on a boat. This is okay.

The Crocodiles
An extremely dark tale of Nazi experiments involving the living dead in WW2.

Steve and Fred
A sad bleak tale.

This is a prequel to the ‘Newsflesh’ trilogy. Survivors hide out on their college campus. This is bleak and very good.

We Now Pause For Station Identification
A semi-insane radio host is hoping someone can hear him. This is okay.

Rural Dead
An Amish elder explains how his community coped with zombies. This is very good.

The Summer Place
A man hides out in a summerhouse. This is okay.

Therapeutic Intervention
A zombie talks to his addiction counsellor. This is good.

He Said, Laughing
‘Apocalypse Now’
with zombies. It’s okay.

Last Stand
A last bastion faces off against an implacable enemy. A zombie tale with a twist. It’s okay.

Thin Them Out
A group of idiots hide out from the walking dead in a warehouse. This is okay.

Zombie Season
The town gravedigger has many chores. This is good.

The Days Of Flaming Motorcycles
The last living woman in Augusta lives side by side with zombies. She gets to watch as they form a society. This is good and creepy.

Zero Tolerance
There are unholy goings on in the hills of Afghanistan. This is okay.

And The Next, And The Next
A man has got to move through zombie territory. Sad but good.

The Price Of A Slice
A safe zone is getting by. Some inhabitants are just more unpleasant than others. This is good.

Are You Trying To Tell Me This Is Heaven?
An excellent tale of a father and a daughter.

The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Originally published in 1912, with all that entails, this tells of a journalist who ends up on a trek to a plateau in South America. Malone through a series of events is accompanying the loud, rude, crude Professor Challenger, the hunter Lord Roxton and the sceptical Professor Summerlee to find a lost land.

And they do: a land where dinosaurs, great beasts and ape men roam. A land cut off from the modern world. This is a classic adventure tale of a dangerous journey and is engrossing enjoyable fun.

Best Lines:
“I wish you to understand that nothing I tell you now is to be repeated in any public way unless you have my express permission. That permission will in all human probability never be given.”

“I feel that there is reason lurking in you somewhere, so we will patiently grope around for it.”

“If he sends anyone else to intrude upon me, I shall call upon him with a riding whip.”

“The man who had earned himself the name of the Flail of the Lord through three countries was not one who could be safely taunted.”

Star Trek Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire by Michael A. Martin

The ‘Typhon Pact’ novels have so far not been what I expected. I expected more that what has been delivered so far. They aren’t anything special, they’re just bog standard and they have ugly covers.

This novel sees the USS Titan tangle with the Gorn over a terraforming device near an uncontacted planet. The Gorn are all growling, stubborn xenophobic idiots. Riker flitters around being useless, Vale annoys and Dr Ree as always gets away with his aggressive, disruptive behaviour.

The meat of the plot centres on some as yet unexplained mystery involving Tuvok and the mcgufin that is the terraforming technology. It all seems to be the set up for future books. This is an okay novel that is overly long and nothing special.
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