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Movie Reviews: Pineapple Express + The King's Speech

Pineapple Express (2008)

Dale (Seth Rogen) an idiot pothead witnesses a drug lord (Gary Cole) commit a murder. So he and his unwashed dealer Saul (James Franco) go on the run. The non educated delinquents begin the film as idiots and fail to gain wisdom at any point.

There are idiot fight scenes, a memorable scene involving Saul driving a police car and much humour. This is okay.

Best Line:
“I’m coming back with a gun, you better be out of here.”

The King’s Speech (2010)

The Duke of York (Colin Firth) is to become King George VI after his louse of a layabout elder brother Edward abdicates. The future King his plagued by insecurity and a serious stutter. Thankfully he has a speech therapist named Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) to help him.

Luckily Logue puts up with the future king’s foul temper and class snobbery. The future George VI is so suffocated by protocol, he can barely breathe.

Edward and Mrs Simpson are suitably vile selfish narassicists; one can only imagine the horrors that would have occurred if they had reigned. Churchill and George V pop up to pull faces. The future Queen Mother wears ugly hats. Corgis run around barking and Princesses Margaret and Elizabeth are wide eyed.

King George VI is anguished due to his miserable upbringing. There’s an emotional moment when after becoming King he goes to greet his daughters who shrink away from him and curtsey. This is an okay historical drama. It’s low budget but good.
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