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Chase Ep 4 + Two Twilight Zone segments Reviewed

Chase Ep 4 Review


Faith Maples kills her boyfriend and goes on the run. She keeps shooting people and the team figure out she is mentally disturbed. Annie has issues about her dad as the team chase Faith. This is frustrating especially the ending where Faith is just left to die.

The Twilight Zone (1985 – 1986)

Season 1 Ep 6 Segment 1

Examination Day

In the future a boy named Dickie is required by law to take an IQ test. He is looking forward to it while his parents fret. According to this in the future there be self lighting birthday candles, everyone will wear pyjama looking jumpsuits and use phones that look like a toaster mated with a microwave.

Dickie takes his test after he has to take a truth drug. The child actor in this is bad. Anyway later on his parents get the results. This is okay with a good ending.

Best Line:
We regret to inform you your son’s intelligent quotient has exceeded the government’s standard according to Rule 84 Section 5 of the new code. You may specify now whether you wish his body interred by the government or would you prefer private burial.”

Season 1 Ep 2 Segment 2

I of Newton

A professor tries to figure out a math problem. He can’t and so angrily yells that he’d sell his soul to solve it. A demon (Ron Glass of ‘Firefly’) promptly shows up to claim his soul. The demon has horns and a t-shirt that reads: ‘Hell is a city much like Newark’.

A battle of wits ensues as the Professor is allowed to ask questions that may get him out of his unintended deal. This is good with a nice ending.

Best Lines:
You can just go back to whatever stygian depths you came from.”

“You mention Dante to most people these days and they ask you how you liked ‘Gremlins’.”

“Of course it’s not fair. We’re evil, look it up.”

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